Supported Migration Products

The following is the current list of products that PSIcapture will migrate to. This list will be updated as new migrations are added.

Supported Generic Migrations

Other migrations are not product-specific, but are for situations where a simple flat file or connection to a local or remote database serves as the migration target.

  • Database (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC-compliant databases)
  • Email
  • Folder Export
  • FTP
  • Text
  • XML

Exception Processing Section

This subsection handles all settings for all migrations configured in this individual instance of the Migration workflow step – a profile with two or more Migration steps that both require exception processing must have these settings configured separately for both.

Fig. 3: Migration Settings, Exceptions Processing Section
  • Enable exceptions processing
Activates exception processing for this Migration step. Enables radio button controls below.
Stop migrating when Document fails...While using Automation, a batch will halt in the Migration step if any of the migrations fail.
Automatically reject Documents...An exceptions batch will automatically be generated when a migration fails, and the Migration step will continue processing.
Send exceptions Batch...Move exceptions batch to the listed step. Workflow steps added to this profile (e.g. Capture, Index, QA) will be listed in this drop-down.

Table of Contents:

Available Migration Configurations: