Indexing - Barcode Processing Scripts

The normal Barcode Mapping and Barcode Parsing option on the Document Index Fields screen are usually sufficient for populating index fields. However, if your barcode processing requirements are too complex for these options, check the "Use Barcode Processing Script" checkbox and press the Open Script Editor button. This option is available in Document Index Fields and Folder Index Fields:

The methods for both folder and document index field processing are accessed through the BarcodeProcessingScript class.

BarcodeProcessingScript Class

ProcessDocumentBarcodeData Method

The ProcessDocumentBarcodeData method is called whenever a new document is created.


INdocumentIDocumentThe current document
barcodeslist of IBarcodeThe list of barcodes detected on the document's separator sheet

ProcesFolderBarcodeData Method

The ProcessFolderBarcodeData method is called whenever a new folder is generated.


INfolderIFolderThe current folder
barcodesIBarcodeThe list of barcodes detected on the folder's separator sheet

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