Retrieval Ribbon Menu

The ribbon menu includes: File, Home, SettingsSecurityUtilitiesWindow, and Help.


 Resets the current query and clears on search criteria.

 Runs a query based on entered criteria.

 Saves current query for later use.

 Loads previously saved queries.

 Prints the current page. User has the option to print the image with or without annotation.

 Brings up the Mail Message Editor dialog box to send the image file of the page currently in view as an attachment. User has the option to include annotation with the attached file.

 Documents/Pages can be queue for printing or emailing. Selecting this command displays the following submenu:

  • Add Current Page to Queue - Adds a specific page to the work queue.
  • Add Current Document to Queue - Adds a specific document to the work queue.
  • Add All Documents from Current Query to the Queue - Adds all query results to the work queue.
  • View/Process Queue - Brings up the “Work Queue” dialog box where the user can choose to either Print/Fax or Email the files in queue. There are also options to include annotations, print/email multiple files as one, unselect/remove individual files, or clear entire queue.

 Opens up a new viewer. Useful if the user wants to view multiple files simultaneously.

 Pages are viewed as thumbnails in the Image Viewer Pane.

 Choose to view results in Form view or in Grid view.

 Reveals the annotation editing toolbar and annotation settings pane, which allows user to add commentary to the retrieved image.

 Toggle between the original document and the annotated document.


Open Image for Compare - Opens up Windows Explorer to select image file(s) to view from an external source.

Exit - Exits out from PSIcapture. NOTE: If a batch is currently open, user will be prompted to close or suspend the batch. The PSIcapture application will then end.