Index Fields

Displays indexed data of captured images. The size and content of the fields are Capture Profile or project specific. Index data can be entered or edited at this time if Index Data Editing is enabled. When OCR assisted indexing is enabled, the results will be populated here.

Multi-Record Indexing

At times, a batch/folder/document can have multiple index records, indicated by Record X of Y as shown in the image below. These multiple records can be user generated, or can result from returns after a database query. If multiple records are found while performing a database lookup, PSIcapture can be configured to automatically return the first matching record, display a list for the user to choose from, or create a new document record for each record returned.

Multi-Record Toolbar

 Add a record to a document.

 Delete a record from a document.

 Navigate through document records using the left or right arrows.

 Browse all records for a document. A window will pop up listing all the records as shown below.

On Demand Lookup

 Index fields used as a key for database lookup will have this icon next to it. Clicking it initiates a lookup based on the data entered in the field. This refresh option is useful if any changes were made to the lookup source.

NOTE: Allow Multiple Records per Document when Indexing must be enabled to process multi-record indexing. See Document Records in Capture Profile Configuration for more details.

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