PSIcapture User Interface

The User Interface for PSIcapture is build upon a series of panes. Each module (i.e. Capture/Import, Classification, Quality Assurance, etc.) has its own panes, toolbars and options. This section covers the commonalities among these modules. Users can find more detailed information on the toolbars and panes specific to each module under the overview sections.

An added feature of each module having its own panes is that the user can adjust or move the panes within the window to suit specific user needs. A more detailed account of this feature can be found by going to Pane Docking & Pinning.

Ribbon Menu

The ribbon menu has its own settings like what to show or hide, setting up individual quick access settings, or hiding the menu. Each module has its own Home ribbon which is outlined in this section. The overall settings available for the ribbon menu are outlined below.

  • Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

    • Off by default but can be enabled on User Settings.
    • Right click on ribbon command to add to QAT
    • Right click on command on QAT to remove it
    • QAT commands are stored separately per module.
  • Minimize or Auto Hide Ribbon - This option is stored per module so you can have it minimized in one module and open in another.

In this section: