Validation and Exceptions

Expected Count Validation

These settings validate batch document size and structure, which can enforce consistency on an entire project.

No Validation (default)

Choose this option if the capture profile requires no validation

Validate Batch Totals

The user can select Total FoldersTotal Documents and Total Pages expected to be equal to, greater than, or less than certain number. If for example total pages are set to equal 250 and the user tries to close the batch in the Capture Module after capturing 245 pages; the user will be warned that the system expected 250 but only captured 245. At this point the user may proceed to the next module (close batch), suspend the batch or capture 5 more pages.

Expected Batch Totals by Level

In the example above the user is requiring that each batch of this Capture Profile have less than 5 Folders per Batch each having exactly 10 Documents per Folder each containing no more than 50 Pages per Document.

Exceptions Processing Options

Select the level in which the user would like to allow manual exception processing to occur using the reject button in certain modules. Conversely the user can choose to force batch integrity by un-checking all of these. 

Configure Notifications

Available Notifications

  • Batch Rejected - Notification is sent when any batch is rejected from a workflow step.
  • Exception Batch Created - Notification is sent when an exception batch is created. 
  • Document Rejected - Notification is sent when a document is rejected from a batch.
  • Document Rejected (with attachment) - Notification is sent when a document is rejected from a batch and the rejected document is attached to the email.