Index Overview

The purpose of the Index Module is to build the lookup values or index fields for each image. These values support query and retrieval of the images by multiple users, once the images are migrated to a content management system. Thus the accuracy and relevancy of chosen index fields per Capture Profile determines retrievability characteristics of the images. Index values are also commonly referred to as metadata.

The Index Module incorporates sophisticated techniques to make the index process as productive and accurate as possible. Examples include: sticky fields, auto-incrementing fields, pop-up list boxes, barcode fields, multiple database lookups, required fields, input masks, zonal OCR, zoom assisted keying from image, and more.

Manual indexing can be slow and tedious without a tool like the Index module. It will speed up key entry, increase accuracy, and in some cases perform automatic indexing. The result of the Index Module is the catalog of metadata per document and/or folder for use in accurately retrieving the archived images from an external content management system after migration.

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