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Product Compatibility

ProductPSIsafe Server (32-bit) 10.4PSIsafe Server (32-bit) 11.2PSIsafe Server (32-bit) 11.3PSIsafe Server (32-bit) 12.0 (alpha)
PSIsafe Desktop (32-bit) 10.4(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
PSIsafe Desktop (32-bit) 11.2(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
PSIsafe Desktop (32-bit) 12.0(error)(error)(error)(tick)
PSIsafe Open API & 64-bit Framework 10.4(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe Open API & 64-bit Framework 11.2(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe Affinity API(error)(error)(error)(tick)
PSIsafe Mobile 3.0(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe Web 11.0(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe Synchronizer 11(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe Share 1.0(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe eSign 2.3(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe DocuSign (integration)(error)(error)(error)(tick)
PSIsafe Books 9(tick)(error)(error)(error)
PSIsafe Books 11(error)(tick)
PSIsafe for SalesForce(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)*
PSIsafe Web Filer 11.0(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
PSIsafe Attendance Tracking System 2.0(error)(tick)(error)(error)
PSIsafe Migration from PSIcapture(tick)(tick)
PSIsafe Windows Import Module(tick)(tick)

PSIsafe Windows File Monitor(tick)(tick)

PSIsafe PDF Forms Monitor(tick)(tick)

PSIsafe SQL Migration Module(tick)(tick)

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