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Migration Settings Tab

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FileBound Connection Options

FileBound Version

Select the version of FileBound running on the target server. NOTE: Migrations to FileBound versions not listed here might be possible. Please thoroughly test the workflow and migration when using a version other than what is available in this list.

Server URL

Enter the URL of the FileBound Server


Select from one of the following:

  • Standard FileBound Authentication
  • Active Directory Authentication
User Name

Enter the User Name for the selected Server.


Enter the Password for the selected User.

FileBound Project Settings

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Select the desired Project.

Output File Format

Select from one of the following:

  • Migrate Tiff Images
  • Migrate OCR or Non-Image Files
Include OCR text for Full Text searching

Select this option to include ASCII text. NOTE: Must run OCR with single page ASCII Text Output to generate text.

Use Search Fields on Field Settings for matching existing files

Select this option to use the data in this field to match existing files in the FileBound Server. NOTE: Uncheck all fields in Search column to force new file

If required fields are blank, upload Document as unindexed

Select this option if the desired result is to set the status of documents missing required to unindexed in FileBound. NOTE: The feature works in v5 and later.Image Removed

Raise Exception if no matching file exists in Filebound

Selecting this option causes an exception batch to be created within PSI:Capture if no matching record are found within FileBound based on the index fields selected for “search.”

Create FileBound Documents when migrating/Upload separate copy of file for each Document Record

These two options give you the ability to either upload just metadata to FileBound or metadata and document.

OCR and Non-Image File Options

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Files to Migrate

Select from one of the following:

  • All OCR Files for Document
  • Single OCR File by Workflow position
  • OCR Files by file tags
  • Non-Image source file
Tags to Output

When OCR Files by file tags is selected, only files with matching image tags will be outputted. NOTE: Separate multiple tags using commas.

Other FileBound Fields

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Box Number Field

Select a field from the drop down list.

Destruction Date Field

Select a field from the drop down list.

Image Removed

Image Removed

Separator Options

Select from Existing defined Separators or select From Index Field.

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Divider Options

Select from Existing defined Dividers or select From Index Field.

Archive Name Options

Select from Manual or select From Index Field.

Document Routing Options

Document Route ID select the route number (V4) or Select from Existing Route Names. (V5 or above)

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Select From Index Field

Select from one of the following:

  • As Route ID - if the field selected contains the route id number

  • As Route Name - if the field selected contains the route name (v5 or above)

Document Routing Action

Select from one of the following:

  • Route All Pages

  • Route First Page Only

Other Options

The user may wish to execute another windows application as a part of this migration. In order to accomplish this, the user must configure the following:Image Removed

Application to Launch

Select the windows executable to launch.

Application Arguments

Supply any command line arguments, if any. These are supplied by the executable’ developer.

Launch Timing

The user can choose between the following timing options to launch the executable:

  • Launch application after each Batch is migrated

  • Launch application after all selected Batches are migrated.

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