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The Capture module performs the core work of physically and logically connecting PC based scan stations to the scanner and/or file systems. The connection is used to capture images and convert them to electronic format. Device profiles are used to define specific setup options for different scanner devices (such as simplex/duplex, double feed detection, etc…) and file system capture methods (such as import, auto-import).

Barcodes and patch codes are read by the Capture module Module to distinguish between the end of one document and the beginning of another. In addition, barcode values may also be configured to automatically populate index fields. The Capture module Module may perform image cleanup. Cleanup may include removing black hole punch marks, de-skewing or rotating the image, removing extraneous specks that may appear on the image (called de-speckle within the program), cropping, and more. The Capture module Module produces a grouping of enhanced TIFF images for use in the next step of the Capture workflow.

Select Capture Profile

To begin the capture process, click on the Capture/Import icon in the Navigator Pane. The user can specify when this window the Select Capture Profile window opens up by making a selection from the “Show Capture Profile selection dialog when” drop down menudropdown menu at the bottom left of the window. The default setting will is to open this window when the Capture module is started.

If there is a large amount of Capture Profiles to choose from the user can search by name, description, created, or modified to find a specific profile.

Show Capture Profile Selection Dialog When



  • Selected from File menu - The dialog box will only come up when the User user chooses “Select Select Capture Profile” Profile from the ribbon menu.
  • Opening Capture module Module (default) - This option will automatically open the dialog box when the Capture module Module is started.
  • Creating a New Batch - The dialog box will open when the user creates a new batch or starting starts Capture on a new batch.

Toggle Grouping

The various Capture Profiles can be designated as members of different groups, similar to groups of contacts in a phonebook. Specification of groups can be made in Capture Profile - General configuration settings.

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