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The purpose of the Quality Assurance (QA) module is to verify that the images are legible, contain no unwanted images and are separated correctly. The QA module enables the user to replace pages that were inadequately scanned or to insert one or more pages that were found to be missing. The QA user has the ability to view each image individually, to view all pages of a document via thumbnails, or open multiple document views simultaneously. A flagging system enables multiple operators and supervisors to manage the process of identifying items to review, reject or delete. The QA module can also be used to verify that two independent documents were not split or combined in error, permitting the user to split /or combine documents as necessary to achieve batch integrity. Additionally, the user may “drag and drop” pages, documents or folders to insure ensure that the images are in the preferred order.

Select Batch

To begin the quality assurance process, click on the Quality Assurance icon in the Navigator Panepane. The " Select Batch " window dialog will open. The user can select a batch to perform QA on by making a selection from the list and then hitting "clicking Select". All batches currently in the QA workflow step are displayed here.

Local/Shared Tabs

A batch type set as a Local will show its batches on the Local tab if it was created on that computer. A batch type set as part of a multi-station deployment would typically be configured as Shared, and therefore its batches would be found on the Shared tab. See Capture Profile - General” for ”for further detail.

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