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Document routing is available to all users and is accessed by clicking the icon highlighted below.

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The user options display provides users with a way to define a default document type for documents that get loaded into their queue and do not have one automatically assigned.  

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Routing Sheets

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User Settings

In the user settings section, users can set the following options:

  • Options - In this area the user can select a default document profile to use when new documents are added to the queue.
  • Routing Sheets - Users can also print routing sheets that can be used to route documents to the user's queue during scanning in PSIcapture. NOTE:
  • Users can only print routing sheets for
yourself despite if you are an administrator or not.

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Queue Management

  • their own queue regardless of administrator permissions.


This section is available to supervisors and administrators only. It enables users to add, edit, or remove teams under their supervision. For more information on teams please see the Teams article.

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Queue Management

Queue Management is only available to supervisors or administrators.

Standard users will not see this tab.

User List

Shows you This section shows administrators and supervisors a full list of users based on your role as an administrator or supervisoruser roles.

  • Administrators - see See a full list of users in PSIfusion
  • Supervisors - see See a list of users that are part of your team(s)

This user list shows specific user data including being able to open a user's current queue. You Administrators and supervisors have the ability to see:

  • Number of documents in the users a user's incoming folder since the last refresh or login
  • Number of documents currently in the a user's queue
  • The last time the a user logged in to PSIfusion
  • Any alerts that the a user may have (i.e. documents that have been in queue too long)

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