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Workflow is a built in component of SAFEPSIsafe. It is provided as either a manual process or a rule- based process. Documents or folders (items) may be routed manually from the client by simply right-clicking on the item and choosing the appropriate manual routing option. Items may be routed via a rule with the same method. The rule has to be setup in the Management section. Items may also be routed as soon as they are created if the appropriate template options are selected during template creation.

A rule is a set of Steps which are followed for each item placed in workflow. Each Step can be a fixed process (i.e. send a document to Person A > Group B > Person C) or there may be decision points at each point in the rule. (i.e., if the invoice is > $1000 send to Person A, or else send to Person B). Rules can have an unlimited number of Steps and questions. Rules are where an organizational process used for routing items is captured.

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